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Contemporary  Iconography

Changing the slant and interpretation of byzantine style iconography does not threaten the history of Christian thought. Gazing at an icon influences a profound effect on humanity. There is potential in a well written byzantine style icon to open our heart and mind. Contemporary Christians are on an endless journey of watching their consciousness unfold in an effort to find the divine. Mary Jane Miller knows and has experienced that unfolding, as she tries through this ancient technique to preserve a continuous interpretation of who God might be.


Mary Jane Miller, one of the most compelling modern icon painters, is known for her contemporary sacred art collection.  She describes each of her icon paintings as a visual meditation, a process by which she finds answers to the eternal questions she constantly asks herself.


Mary Jane Miller presents her contemporary icon collections in PDF format upon request. The stories behind them, include works published in her book, “In Light of Women…One Woman’s Journey with Icons” and the life of Christ, His miracles, and principal feast days. Miller has recently been designing icons with two main themes: the Earth in light of the Ecological crisis we all face and why women’s identity and portraits have been limited as either too saintly or subservient. What has been a male-dominated tradition for too long leads us to ask, why women are still thought of as less when it comes to religious art, theology, and Christ's teachings.

The Sacred Art collection reflects modern life through modern icon painting techniques. Yet, her painting process is rooted in ancient traditional rules of iconography as she often finds her inspiration in the works of the ancient Byzantine iconography painters of Russia, Greece and Eastern Europe.



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