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Women in Icons

Women in Iconography,
their Emerging Voices

Mary Jane Miller is one of San Miguel de Allende's bright thinkers with an untamed spirit. She is a woman committed to the art and theology involved in icon painting, an ancient technique used in the production of sacred images, dating back 1,600 years to a time when the minds of men believed they were inspired by God. The Holy Spirit did not descend for a few followers of Christ and ascended back to the heavens only once. Female Saints and Catholic saints, named or not have inspired humankind to walk in the divine likeness even today.

​Today new insights into Female Saints like Mary Magdalene are challenging our contemporary landscape. Art and image are powerful tools to bring about that change. Mary Jane Miller is fast becoming a catalyst for Catholic Saints and all the women in sacred arts. She is opening discussion and raising interesting perspectives on old stories particularly Women in Iconography. Church authorities have greatly influenced the place of women on all levels of society along with a good bit of suppression. Miller's collection of new female saints explores the absence of women and their images in sacred art in the past. Her Icon Painting collection about Women in Iconography can be found in her latest book, In Light of Women and Life in Christ. Women are finding themselves in a new world, after 2,000 years.

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