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Miller offers week-long workshops in the Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the US. Three hours each morning and afternoon for 5 days. The cost is 480.00 USD. Scheduling is flexible and discounts are available. Thursdays are open studio days.

Miller’s work draws on ancient icon painting techniques to showcase her insight into inner spiritual well-being. Her dedication and lifestyle promote a trajectory through spirituality that becomes a visual manifestation of how she understands her own personal journey.

Come and share explore, and learn more about iconography painting. Visit and share. No experience is necessary. Please do not hesitate to inquire if you happen to be visiting San Miguel Allende.


MARY JANE miller

Mary Jane Miller is an Internationally recognized iconographer and author living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Mary Jane Miller sits among a group of artists who are preserving the ancient technique of iconography painting. Today, she continues to create, teach, and expand this sacred art as a spiritual visual language that leads to enlightenment.

Her love of spiritual art and modern iconography captivates viewers and engages them in exploring the idea of using art and meditation to express their spiritual language. She especially focuses on the women in iconography and through her hand, calls on their unheard voices to voice their wisdom and love.

As an icon painter, her wealth of insight is shared through what has been a male-dominated tradition. "I have come to see the world as a metaphor, nearly everything which happens to us is screaming to be understood through the eye of the spirit, we just need to reflect long enough to hear the message".

Miller's collection of Contemporary Icons are visual meditations whose root is in traditional Icon Painting. Mary Jane Miller pushes the edge of traditions where female saints and catholic saints have not been fully recognized. Today, women iconographers around the world create gorgeous work. Their iconography painting preserves this sacred art form. Byzantine-style icons are created through meditation and prayer to develop the spirit of living well. As a modern Byzantine-style icon painter, I join my voice to other contemporary iconographers who speak and create. Women icon painters, mystics, and healers were seldom heard of in the days of the early church and were often silenced. Today they are speaking again.


Mary Jane at or

call her in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

+52 (415) 152-5762.


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