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Icon Painting in Egg Tempera

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Icon Painting    WORKSHOPS



St Cecilia Church Episcopal

March 6th to March 10th, 2023

Monday 9 am  till  Friday at  3 pm

600.00 USD

Information  contact  Kelly Barnhill   or


St Clare’s Episcopal Church

October 23th to October 27th, 2023

Monday 9 am  till  Friday at  3 pm

480.00 USD

Information contact     Rev Liz Schellingerhoudt

phone 706-745-0607  email


Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church

October 30th to November 3rd

Monday 9 am  till  Friday at  3 pm

480.00 USD

Information contact     Rev Bill Murray

Phone 404.255.4023      


St Peter's Episcopal Church, in Lewes, Delaware

Dates Will be announced for November 2023

This year we will focus on the silent voices of Iconography and perhaps new understanding.

400.00 USD

Information please contact church office 302-645-8479





















Iconography image is structured by lines, color values, shapes, textures, space, and movement. There is a world beyond straight lines and curves, yellow for the sun, green for the grass, red for roses, etc. The earth's abundance and diversity can be found in tiny colored particles which make up egg tempera paint. We use it to create divine image.

Egg Tempera Paint is fine ground Earth Pigments.

The color in Byzantine iconography feels ancient when you look at it because it is! The individual colors are lustrous,  granular, sandy or soft ochers, they are radiantly bright and precious. The sheen from the egg yolk can turn the surface glossy and look as if it is saturated with life.


The depth of the color is created as a result of many thin layers, each with distinct tone and personality. When one pigment dries and another layer covers it, I grieve. I am forced to conceal the spontaneously beauty revealed by the application of another layer of color. Yet with enough layers, new forms arise, rich, and deep in quality.


The layers become transparent after 3 to 6 months, and the under painting is magnificent. The end product seems to be inevitably harmonious just because the pigments themselves were created side by side in time and space, in the same way the planet evolved. Ancient earth history mixed with the human expression for the divine, what a match!

Please, Join us in the Workshop

Even if you do not have a particular bent towards religious imagery, you cannot deny the quality of the pigments and their fascinating character.

Such simple beauty is intriguing, pushing around small particles of dirt which dry and form unimaginable patterns. I am fascinated by drying sand at the beach, mud puddles and water, or cracked earth in the desert. These patterns repeat themselves on an icon but in minuscule format. The practice of Iconography is pure delight.


Sacred Icons Retreat

We offer ongoing three week workshops in the Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Contact us for class schedules or hosting a workshop at your church, retreat center, or monastic community.

SKILL SHARE  Introduction to working with egg tempera.

Creative Mindfulness: Amazing Earth pigments, Visual Art in Texture and Color..... Rated 9.6/10 on Course marks Your course is in the TOP of 94,680 courses!

We are truly impressed.                    CLICK

For private icon painting classes and online consultations please contact me anytime.

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