In Light of Women

Miller has developed an exquisite and distinctive voice as a writer of icons, adapting the style and subjects of the Byzantine tradition attempting to broaden our spiritual journey. Throughout the book she boldly substitutes women for men in traditional scenes such as the Foot Washing and the Garden of Gethsemane.

Each icon image in the collection is juxtaposed with text describing each images history, religious context, and her own reflections in three distinct sections. 72-page book that incorporates 24 full-color original icon images. 

Part 1, Mary Icons explore the history of Mary, tradition’s most popular image. Part 2, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene explores icons that were inspired by the Gnostic text, Part 3, Feminine Voice explores classic icons interpreted with women added to them.          


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The Mary Collection 

This collection of 18 Orthodox icons of the Virgin Mother speak volumes on the mysterious communication between the natural physical world and that of mystery where love abides. This collection of Madonna icons explores motherly love, mystical awe and especially the profound and multidimensional relationship between Mary and Christ, and the viewer. A wide range of imagination and potential is explored through the history of Madonna Images. Mary Jane’s fascination with tradition and new interpretations of contemporary spirituality emerge in word and image. Classic iconography has influenced this comprehensive collection of 18 images of the Mother of God. Each image is accompanied by a short meditation on the iconography. The book is a must have for anyone who loves Mary, the mother of Jesus.


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Icon Painting Technique,


a meditation and guide

to egg tempera

This comprehensive book explains the subtle relationship between the disciple of icon painting and how it reflects and enriches ones spiritual life. Mary Jane Miller discusses her technique, the history and meaning of icon painting. The book orients new icon painters and examines why historically icons continue to be a spiritual tool. Written from a uniquely Western perspective, this step-by-step practical course brings to life the sacred and beautiful art of egg tempera painting.


45 full color pages in this second edition and available as an E book on Amazon


Beginners, intermediate, and advanced iconographers will all find new insights. With in-depth information, invaluable advice, lots of tips and superb illustrations of each step, this is a well written guide to the philosophy and practice of icon painting.


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The Stations of the Cross

The book begins with a clear introduction to the historical value for walking the the Stations of Cross as a ritual.

The collection of painted images are brilliantly artistic, accompanied by Millers genius interpretation. Either reading them alone or as a group this small book of image and text provokes deep thought. The meditations stimulate new insights into today's world.

One member said, “I found myself sufficiently vulnerable to walk in Jesus’ shoes, shoulder his burdens, open my heart and broaden my intentions to better see His message of love and surrender” 35 pages of spiritual strength and wisdom waiting to be revealed as you witness and walk.


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