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R e p o u s e

Repouse is a French word which means to push. The silver Repouse on the contemporary icons are 100% hand tooled pewter. My husband, Valentin and partner designs the reliefs by pushing the metal, embossing one side and flattening the other simultaneously. When he finishes all the perfils and curlicues, one side is flat with the other side pushed out in a pattern. The back of each repouse adornment is filled with a paste filler, to prevent the embossing from getting dented. The egg tempera icon painting is sealed with wax or oil. The wax or oil mediums cover the image, permeating the earth pigments to holding them in place for millenniums to come. All our work is archival; we use the finest materials to bring about the richest quality icon; fine earth pigment, organic gesso, 23kt Gold on a hard wood board. Technical info about Repouse. EMBOSSING METAL How to Book available on Lulu self publishing.

Two ancient iconography techniques

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