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Ideas and progressions

Contemporary Icons

Years of painting have taught and revealed nearly everything I know to be true about God. I am reverent of the relationship between flesh and spirit, Christ being the greatest example. Eternity is greater than anyone can imagine. The difference between soul and consciousness is still not fully defined. Science is giving new language to the divine value of breath, mind, light, and love. I have a tremendous love for icon painting; abundant prayer and respect for what ancient images and the Christ story have taught me. It has been my privilege to paint and play with God's divine Earth pigments. They are evidence of a world of beauty that belongs to a mysterious limitless unknown history recorded in dirt. 


Inspired by early iconographers, either painting an icon or gazing at one, beheld windows into the divine. The images open and invite us to come close and see. You may see the God who lives in you struggling or you may see your reluctant awe turn into a world of spiritual beauty. They wanted to find a way to record Christ's true message. In silence, you begin to see the God who lived in those early iconographers who painted the first inspired images from the Christ teachings. Their powerful painted images portray and honor the same essence that lives in everything and everyone. The early Byzantine iconographers painted real presence; their images descend into our hearts and make us yearn for more contact with the divine. Their ancient images endlessly remind us and affirm who we are in God. I paint.

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