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The face of Christ floats over what looks like a solar system; divine energy has acted throughout time in concentric circles which hold the planets in their orbits. As rings expand in a pool of water so moves the orbiting celestial bodies. Shooting stars, moons, black holes and a comet remind us of chaos amid what could be seen as perfect order. Twelve astrological symbols are located in the rings as a spiritual system for marking time in the cosmos. Theirs is a relationship of beautiful math, numbers and logic ordering the galaxies and universes.

Some human beings believe Christ has a special identity in this solar system, on this planet. Others believe that Christ consciousness is energy outside time and space which possibly dictates and validates our place in it. Either way, On Holy Ground is a collection of contemporary icons highlighting the idea that there is an energetic intelligence manifesting the universe.

Jesus Christ Space and Wisdom

  • 12 '' x 12 ''. Egg tempera

  • *Regarding the wait or the distance shipping prices may vary

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