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On Holy Ground is a collection of contemporary icons which highlight our activities  as You, Me, I , and We. Time passes as the earth turns. The light of the son is crucial to our planets existence. Human energy has been effecting the Earth in significant way. Too much heat from the sun or too much thinking humanity think we are the center both effect the order and balance of Earth. Our witness and activities are important.

Humanity seems to believe we are the light that gives light to the world. The twenty six spokes radiating out from the center towards the four corners. ‘You, Me, I and We’ are pronouns set as corner markers for each of us declaring our place in time and identity. A circle or band intersects the whole image to emphasize the continuous change as each day begins and ends.  Egg tempera


You, Me, I and We

  • 12 '' x 12 ''. Egg tempera

  • *Regarding the wait or the distance shipping prices may vary

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