Modern Iconography Class, Mary Jane Miller, Instructor

No artistic experience is necessary for the iconography classes in egg tempera. The iconography classes are taught inclusive of time for meditation, watching the mind and seeing your hand move as an extension of God creating. The process of icon painting moves us beyond the act of painting, helping us to redefine our limits of self and, our ideas about God.

After two decades, I am increasingly curious to hear more female mystics share their insights. In light of women, catholic women, religious women, and all women in every religion, pray for us. Through iconography, a new voice is emerging. Women are coming to a clearer, stronger and more focused understanding of liturgical art, the preservation of tradition and more spirituality in the world.

Every Thursday Open studio 11AM to 2 PM, 3 week commitment, Call +52 (415) 152-5762 call to confirm.

We have been taught we are created in the image of God, (energy, light, wholeness, the absolute), we have come from spirit and to there we return. This experience of divine life is temporary along with all we do, think, say and create. We are here in this world to reach our full potential and attain abundant awareness, with giving and sharing as the foundation of our commitment to one another. Women and men are both servants of today's contemporary priesthood for the maintenance and increase of faith, no matter what our religious beliefs or genders may be.

Over the past few years, thousands of people, from a wide variety of spiritual traditions have found themselves drawn to the mysterious and prayerful images found in the Byzantine icons of Eastern Christianity.

 ICONOGRAPHY IS THE OLDEST TRADITION  Byzantine monasteries and Orthodox churches have long embodied the works of thousands of iconographers. Unlike other approaches to painting, the creation of an icon does not begin in the artist's imagination. Rather, the iconographer's first work is to study how the subject at hand has been traditionally depicted.

PURPOSE OF ICON PAINTING. Icon painting appeared as far back as the 4th and 5th century and it was from the beginning meant as a spiritual movement rather than an Art movement. From that time the content of icon painting was interwoven with life...evolution...traditional values....knowledge. Iconographers strive to interpret that world. Icons express holiness and potentially become more than just a representation of physical beauty but invite us into a realm of mystery. Icon image is more than the portrayal of natural form and beautiful lines. Icons point to a sublime spiritual world, the unseen element within natural forms and its abstracted essence. Iconography is a practice which serves the ideals of faith through the contemplation of image, gazing at icons activate our potential to realize how spirit becomes flesh, moving from mind to matter and back.

Mixing dirt and mystery is amusing, every brush stroke with egg tempera reminds you of the moment in Genesis where breath and creation meet. Anything can happen. In the icon painting class, the painter gets to be the creator and at the same time created. While the work is done in solitude and contemplation, we listen to our deep human interior dialogue. The Byzantine style iconography practice crosses cultures and faith traditions. Million year old dirt is trapped and suspended in egg yolk (the raw potential for life), and for me it is a symbol of my own relationship with God, I am trapped in God. The icon painting process is simple; moving paint. Imagine a small shift in consciousness as we blur the lines between who we are as humans and who we are as divine light all because of egg tempera paint!


RETREATS. 5 day immersion iconography workshops include instruction, materials, one digital presentation of icon images, daily short explanations and demo, prayer time and your life as it unfolds. For information, cost and scheduling for all Icon Painting retreats offered LINK Sacred icons Retreat Email site

LONG DISTANCE LEARNING.  We are currently in the process of developing a movie combined with instruction for those unable to come to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Her text book called Icons Revealed has the entire course written out step by step, with photos, it is also available in Ebook format. Mary Jane Miller, teacher and female Iconographer is available with continual assistance upon request.





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