Artist Statement

Traditionally there have been too few images of women in icons, too few Orthodox women iconographers, and too few Catholic women who teach, or are recognized as female mystics. In light of this historical absence of women in the traditional Byzantine era, there is room today for change and new expression. Women of today still embrace the doctrine and discipline while continually maintaining the celebrated prayer focus which is the finest aspect of the practice.

Byzantine style Icons are an organic and dynamic piece of tradition dating back 1,700 years.

The practice of egg tempera has quietly endured and continues to speak across generations even today. “As a contemporary iconographer, adding new image and perspectives my physical, mental and spiritual strengths are reflected in the art form while my attention is tuned to an inner silence.”

Traditional Byzantine icons are a gift the Orthodox Church has given to the world, a well preserved doctrine for the expression and unification of believers. I have used the Orthodox tradition. Yes, with absolute respect. Contemporary Icons challenge the ongoing understanding and revelation of the divine story found through image and doctrine. Remembering we are all children of God, representing both women and men, there is no limit to the imagery in iconography.

Over the past few years, thousands of women from a wide variety of spiritual traditions have found themselves drawn to the mysterious and prayerful images found in the icons of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Books: Icon Painting Revealed and The Mary Collection and DVD available.

Mary Jane Miller is an experienced iconographer, a master at both contemporary and traditional. The technique is egg tempera and 100% gold real leaf. On going CLASSES are offered in her private studio and at the Monasteries and retreat centers in both the US and Mexico.

Email Mary Jane at or call her in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico +52 (415) 152-5762.